Are you fearing change, worrying about the future, or wondering “Is this IT?”  Dr. Toni, a nationally recognized Physician and Coach, wrote this Amazon Bestseller when she was right where you are now.

You are a Winner. Everyone knew you were Most Likely to Succeed all of your life. You are a high achiever despite obstacles and setbacks. You focused and sacrificed all those years to earn the Prize, the Trophy! It was supposed to be fulfilling to see the work pay off and to help those you love along the way. So why are you worn out, overwhelmed and feeling disillusioned as setbacks and obstacles appear? Why are you dreading going to work or wondering when the good part starts? In this book, you will learn how to implement techniques to press the ‘reset button’, battle perfection, stop seeking approval and enjoy your new Lifestyle with your loved ones.

Dr. Toni A. Haley (a.k.a. Dr. Toni MD) is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, wife and career coach. As a bestselling author, speaker, consultant and media personality, she shares her knowledge to help high performers reach their personal and professional potential. Dr. Toni is a practicing physician, Founder and Chief Officer of With her credentials, down-to-earth approach and charisma, it is no wonder that the doctor is recognized as “America’s Lifestyle Coach”.

After reading this book you will:

Reprogram your negative self talk

Master your thoughts and mood after setbacks or failure

Develop a system for personalized affirmations

Identify challenges to make better choices

Push past Imperfections

"I am beginning to see amazing results!"

“Dr. Toni is phenomenal. I took her Mindset Mastery Coaching Program and she helped me to realize that I already had the tools to WIN. She helped me pass my Boards, find new employment and navigate the trials of life with applied wisdom and a renewed mind. I would highly recommend her course to anyone struggling with how to live their best life. She is truly inspirational.” Dr. Aris A. Anesthesiologist

"Reading 100 Winning Quotes and Affirmations, Dr. Toni tackles all of your fears, inner thoughts, and barriers to becoming your best self. It felt as if she was talking to ME directly and giving me list of action steps to flourish in my life and career. Dr. Toni has the prescription to cure burnout and stagnancy. Get your copy ASAP!" Dr. Angela B. Internist

“Dr. Toni’s coaching has been invaluable...with her help, I’ve found the courage to make changes that I never thought were possible. She loves what she does and her passion is readily evident. I finally feel Joy!” Dr. Tedra G. OB Gyn

“Dr. Toni "hits the nail on the head" in so many ways. Not only does Dr. Toni speak to your personal challenges in a unique way that touches you…she is very transparent in sharing her own struggles on her journey to becoming a successful woman.  Her advice is truly genuine and you can appreciate most when it comes from someone who has walked the same walk as you!” ~Dr. LaToya L. Pediatrician