As a doctor you are expected to never make mistakes. You have studied, trained and devoted all of your time to your work and your patients, and you have seen extraordinary outcomes---but the constant stress, long hours, and time away from your family are starting to take a toll on your happiness, and you have lost your sense of purpose. So how do you get it back?

Returning with his second group of powerhouse doctors, America's OB/GYN Dr. Drai presents The Making of a Medical Mogul, Volume 2, a compilation of struggles, successes, and strategies from 38 Medical Moguls who have discovered their potential beyond their esteemed rolls beyond Medicine.

After reading this book you will:

Discover your Potential

Take Imperfect Action

Apply your Knowledge to Serve in New Ways

"I am so inspired to do more than just see patients!"

“Dr. Toni is phenomenal. I took her Mindset Mastery Coaching Program and she helped me to realize that I already had the tools to WIN. She helped me pass my Boards, find new employment and navigate the trials of life with applied wisdom and a renewed mind. I would highly recommend her course to anyone struggling with how to live their best life. She is truly inspirational.” Dr. Aris A. Anesthesiologist

“Dr. Toni’s coaching has been invaluable...with her help, I’ve found the courage to make changes that I never thought were possible. She loves what she does and her passion is readily evident. I finally feel Joy!” Dr. Tedra G. OB Gyn

“Dr. Toni "hits the nail on the head" in so many ways. Not only does Dr. Toni speak to your personal challenges in a unique way that touches you…she is very transparent in sharing her own struggles on her journey to becoming a successful woman.  Her advice is truly genuine and you can appreciate most when it comes from someone who has walked the same walk as you!” ~Dr. LaToya L. Pediatrician